Icedolls’ Summer of WillowTreeRags

Lilac Colorpoint
(AUS Import)

Dear Mable & Anette;  I am writing to tell you how happy our family is with Summer, our new lilac girl.  She is a dream doll, loving and purring all the time.  Anyone of us can pick her up and she is always happy, crooning as if she is in heaven.  She really never acted afraid since we have had her, even on the long trip home.  She is fast friends with our male and we can tell that whoever had her took time to make her into the lover that she is.  As far as looks, everyone thinks she is absolutely beautiful, and her coat is as soft as silk.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us.  You have been not only professional, but much more courteous and friendly than lots of other breeders out there.  And I was so happy to see how your cats are housed, right there with you in your home.  I have never seen more spoiled cats, and I can tell they are well loved and never in cages.  I look forward to hearing of your success in the upcoming cat shows.  Kind regards,  Cathy
K.  Richmond, VA