Current Available Kittens

 Updated: November 16th, 2019

(The photo above is of a past kitten… not available)

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Current Available Pet Quality Kittens:

Beautiful Seal Point Bicolor female available as a pet, adorned with two adorable front mittens (which is what makes her a pet but also unique). You can see her truly sweet personality in these photos- she is so floppy!! She will be ready to join her new family late November as a spayed pet, $3000.

Lovely Seal Point Bicolor male available as a pet, he is super social, interactive and outgoing. He’d make a great lifelong companion for any family. He will be ready to join his new family right before Christmas (Dec 14th). He will be available as a neutered pet, $3000.

Really outgoing Seal Point Bicolor male with one  adorable front leg that has a little mitten! This little guy loves being where the action is, as soon as you touch him he just purrs, purrs and purrs! He’ll be ready to join his new family, once neutered right before Christmas. He’s available as a pet, $3000.

Isnt this little guy a total cutie?  He’s a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor male with big, expressive blue eyes.  He has longer sleeves on his front legs which is what makes him pet quality.  He will be ready to join his new family around Dec. 14th, once neutered. $3000.

*Besides these sweet pet quality kittens, we have a few more babies that will be ready to join their new homes around December 14th, just in time for Christmas! As pets, we have Bicolor males available in Seal and Red. For Show Alter Quality kittens that can be available as pets, scroll down. Photos of the rest of our kittens will be posted shortly. These babies will be our last litter until Spring 2020.*

Current Available Show Alter/Pet or Show/Breeder Kittens:

Stunning boy with intense blue eye color, great moderate type and perfect markings available as a Show Alter/Pet ($5000) or potential Show/Breeder. If placed as a show alter/pet he will be neutered prior to joining his new family, there is no showing requirement. He is ready to join his new forever  home!

This Seal Point Bicolor boy is SO dreamy. He’s such a classic beauty! He has perfect markings, a symmetrical V, no spots on his legs, and he’s going to be a big boy.  Lovely eye color, easy going and docile temperament. He is available as a Show Alter/Pet ($4000) or a potential Show/Breeder.

This Blue Point Bicolor boy has such an old school, traditional Ragdoll look. He’s really stunning and he is going to be large once he is fully mature. He has a long, tall body and a big frame to grow into. He is perfectly marked, sweet and playful. He’s available as a Show Alter/Pet ($4000).

If you are interested in one of our pet quality kittens, we require a $1500 deposit to be placed on our waiting list or to reserve a specific kitten. The total cost of our pet quality kittens are $3000 which includes spay/neuter and all age appropriate vaccines including Rabies, dewormings and vet care, 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee and are TICA registered. Our kittens are ready to join their new homes typically around 12 weeks of age or older. Show quality kittens that are spayed/neutered are $4000+. Show/Breeders are available to those serious about breeding and showing or established, small, cage-free catteries.

If you are interested in one of our future kittens, contact Mable at

We also have a Show/Breeder waiting list established. We urge you to contact us if interested in a Show/Breeder from us.

As the Ragdoll becomes an increasingly popular breed, there are many Ragdoll breeders out there that are inferior. Please make sure you’re working with a reputable breeder who puts the time, money and effort into showing their cats, DNA testing as well as screening their breeding cats for genetic health diseases. Find a breeder who breeds to better the breed and not just breeds for pets. These breeders often times do not even know anything about the Ragdoll standard or the breed, despite advertising “Supreme Grand Champion lines” (which is not exclusive, very general and misleading as most Ragdolls have at least one Supreme Grand Champion in their pedigrees if you dig deep enough… this says nothing about the quality of Ragdolls a breeder has been breeding for following generations). If you’re looking for a pet, we highly recommend the following ethical local breeders to contact: (Kaylene or Linda- Mansfield MA).

Thank you!

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