Current Available Kittens

Updated: September 17th, 2021

(The photo above is of a past kitten… not available)

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Our Fall/Winter Waiting List is FULL. We have started an “overflow” waiting list for those who may be interested in a kitten that becomes available this year, or to be the first in line for our Spring/Summer 2022 Kittens.

We require a $1300 deposit to be placed on our waiting list. Kittens are all spayed/neutered prior to joining their forever homes without exception. Please visit “Our Kittens Include” page for more detailed information on what to expect when bringing home one of our kittens.

Prices for our Kittens:

  • Pet Quality, $2800
  • Show Quality Pet, $4000 (no requirement to be shown, these kittens are typically perfectly marked or close to perfectly marked and meet the written standard enough to be successful when shown in the Ragdoll Alter class in TICA)
  • Show/Breeder, $5000+ (registered, small, cage-free, reputable breeders who’s code of ethics are in line with our own)

For deposits we do accept Venmo, Zelle, PayPal and personal checks.

There is a particularly high demand for Ragdoll kittens and reputable Ragdoll breeders typically have a waiting list of 4-6 months minimum.

If you are interested in one of our future kittens, contact Mable at

We do have retired breeders available:

Hushy is a 5 year old Seal Point Bicolor male who has been our main stud here since 2018. Next Summer/Fall he will be neutered and ready to join his forever home. If I could, I would keep Hushy forever! But he deserves a home where he will be completely spoiled and given his fair share of one-on-one love and attention. Hushy is very friendly, cuddly, floppy and outgoing. He gets along great with other cats- he would do best placed in a home with younger cats and females only, but an only cat home or leaving with one of our kittens would be awesome (he loves kittens)! Hushy is gentle and does prefer a quieter environment. He is such a great buddy of a cat. I would also recommend kids over 12 years old and a less chaotic household. He is very affectionate and loves to lay right on/next to you, giving headbutts and purring away! He will be available a few months after he is neutered, likely Fall/Winter 2022. He will be up to date on all of his vaccines/vet care. He will be happy to be a couch potato and bedmate for his retirement years! He is $800 and will be neutered with a full dental, up to date on all vaccines/vet care.

Our Show/Breeder waiting list is separate from our pet/show quality waiting list. We urge you to contact us if interested in a Show/Breeder from us. Currently the waiting time for a Show/Breeder is approximately 8-12 months (females) and 4-6 months (males).

As the Ragdoll becomes an increasingly popular breed, there are many Ragdoll breeders out there that are inferior. Please make sure you’re working with a reputable breeder who puts the time, money and effort into showing their cats, DNA testing as well as screening their breeding cats for genetic health diseases. Find a breeder who breeds to better the breed and not just breeds for pets. These breeders often times do not even know anything about the Ragdoll standard or the breed, despite advertising “Supreme Grand Champion lines” (which is not exclusive, very general and misleading as most Ragdolls have at least one Supreme Grand Champion in their pedigrees if you dig deep enough… this says nothing about the quality of Ragdolls a breeder has been breeding for following generations). If you’re looking for a pet, we highly recommend the following ethical local breeders to contact: (Kaylene or Linda- Mansfield MA).

Thank you!

For more information please e-mail Mable at:

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