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Helpful links to Ragdoll Breeder & Pet Owners:
HCM (Hypercardiomyopathy) DNA Testing Q&A:Click to read what RD HCM DNA test results mean, and how you should interpret them.
FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis): Click to read about the disease and why NOT to rely on FIP tests!

A great website to help anybody with any health concerns about their kitty, this website has SO much information. It’s very helpful.

The Ragdoll Database allows you to view pedigrees of many ragdoll cats by searching cattery or cat names.

Feline DNA testing for color, diseases, etc.

A great guide to breeders & pet owners who would like to learn how to show their cats.

Dr. Susan Little’s Cat Health Website!

“The Faces of HCM” dedicated to raising money and awareness for HCM research in the Ragdoll Breed.
Donations are welcome from everybody!

Ragdoll Historial Society, dedicated to the preservation of the Ragdoll Breed’s History.

TICA & CFA Ragdoll Clubs:

Cat Products recommended by WillowTreeRags:


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