Our Ragdoll Kings

TICA RW SGC. Hush Money Eleedolls of WillowTreeRags

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Seal Point Bicolor (High Mitted)

Sire: Of Moonlight Dolls Eleesol (Blue Point Bicolor)

Dam: Wattuwarpaan Nessel Mutru (Seal Point Bicolor)

Test Results for both HCM DNA Mutations (RD & MC) & PKD: Negative








When I first saw Hushy, he was barely 5 weeks old. From his first photos I knew he’d be the one unrelated boy I MUST add to my cattery! From Tao, to Wally, to Swag… the only non-WillowTreeRags boys I’ve used in 15 years of breeding, Hushy is among the best and has so many qualities I think are absolutely a priority to keep in our breed, especially in my line. Hushy has fantastic type-proper ear set, shape and size, Hushy has big, deep ocean blue eyes… which for the judges has turned out to give him quite the edge over others with equal type. He has a dense, deep and proper Ragdoll chin, gentle change of direction, proper Ragdoll forehead, rounded muzzle, and nothing but a regally, breath-taking Ragdoll expression. His body…. WOW! He has tree trunk, thick legs, big rounded paws (perfectly adored with the longest most adorable toe tufts), a huge broad body, chest, hind quarters, and he is SOLID, HEAVY and MUSCLES, MUSCLES, MUSCLES! He has a soft coat, long in the correct places- mane & tail, non-matting, it always looks great. His markings are drawn-on perfect. No white spotting in his body color, no spots on his legs, a symmetrical “V”…. These photos of him were taken at only 11 months… we just can’t wait to see him mature more and more into a man! He had his first litter for us on August 19th, 2017.

Hushy attended his first show in Orlando, FL at the TICA SE Regional in July 2017. He was the Best Ragdoll in that show, against a large class of Ragdolls and some of the best Ragdolls of that time in the standings. He gained his Championship title at that show. Hushy attended his 2nd show in August 2017 in Largo, FL. He received 10 finals out of 12 rings with stiff competition, and achieved his Quadruple Grand Champion status here. He was also the 5th Best Allbreed Cat in the entire show… he put on his own special show for the judges and spectators also… playing with the judges, flopping on the judging table asking for belly rubs, and enjoying every minute of it. He loves to show… and we plan to go far with this boy this year… he is our new stud, and he will be a major part of our breeding program for many years to come.

Hushy has a fantastic pedigree with many lines we are familiar with, lines that I trust because of their genetic health. This boy just has it ALL! It’s a honor to have the chance of having Hushy as my own….

Update: We are SO elated!! It has been SO easy showing Hushy, he is such a gentleman its no surprise the judges fall in love with him! It almost every show he has attended, he’s received BEST CATS.. and right in time, November 11th in Hartford, CT he receives a BEST CAT that would give him his SUPREME Grand Champion title by a judge who knows her Ragdolls, Theresa Kempton. Thank you so much, Theresa! We couldn’t be prouder… better yet? He attended a show a week later again in Largo, FL… and he was Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz’ Best AB Cat, too… But we certainly aren’t surprised! Hushy is phenomenal and everyone is noticing…. 🙂

Hushy will retire from breeding in 2022 now that Comet has become active. He has a lovely home already awaiting his arrival! ❤️

Pedigree of:
Eleedolls Hush Money of WillowTreeRags


TICA RW SGC. WillowTreeRags King Comet

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Seal Point Bicolor (High Mitted)

Sire: TICA OS RW SGC/CFA GC WillowTreeRags Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)

Dam: TICA OD RW Wild Rose Supurrsonic (Blue Tortie Point Bicolor)

Test Results for both HCM DNA Mutations (RD & MC) & PKD: Negative



Comet is our beloved son of our long-time king Apollo. Comet is not only the son of Apollo who was a very influential sire for our line and many in the Ragdoll breed but was awarded TICA’s most prestigious breeding title of “Outstanding Sire” (OS), but Comet’s mother, Wild Rose, also was awarded the title of TICA “Outstanding Dam” (OD) with very few litters/kittens produced. It is very rare you see many Ragdolls with two parents who have “Oustanding” titles awarded from TICA. To say we are excited about Comet being our cornerstone for the future of our breding program is an understatement. I am extremely proud of the greatness we have experienced from this line. A bit about my beloved Comet… like his father, he is a huge, tall, long bodied and heavy like a bag of cement! He is a gentle giant, always looking for cuddles. Like his sire, he loves to talk and purr, looking for love and a conversation! He is a “forever kitten” never passing up the chance to play and entertain all of us. His markings are flawless- he has full back color, clean all white legs and pink paw pads, as well as a perfect inverted “V” face mask. His head is large and profile is perfectly moderate and well-balanced, the way a Ragdoll should be. Comet has beautifully shaped, large eyes with vivid, intense blue eyes. Comet had a very easy but short show career. The shows he attended almost always regarded him as the Best Ragdoll present in every show. The judges loved him and he received numerous Best Cat & Best Kitten finals in both classes.

We hope that Comet starts his breeding career sometime in 2021 for us. We are so eager to see his first kittens.

Pedigree of TICA RW SGC. WillowTreeRags King Comet:

Our co-owned King…..
Thor von Werbellinsee

Blue Lynx Point Mitted


Sire: S* Gunbertus Eros

Dam: Eliana von Werbellinsee

Test Results for both HCM DNA Mutations (RD & MC) & PKD: Negative

Thor does not live with us, but with our good friend Kaylene Scotton who we co-own Thor with. He is a big, sweet teddy bear. We will have a couple litters with Thor in 2020/2021 while our own Comet matures. Thank you to his breeder Esenina in Germany for her trust!