Why a WillowTreeRags Kitten

Why a WillowTreeRags Kitten?

First of all…Our Kittens are raised with children, a dog, and other cats. All kittens here are raised underfoot, we do NOT own ANY cages! Kittens stay in their own personalized room to suit their needs until they’ve reached a certain age where they have been properly vaccinated, then they are allowed to venture out into the regular part of our home. Once you meet one of our kittens you will be able to tell how much individual love, attention and care each of them have received since birth! Our cats are the floppiest, sweetest, and are always constantly purring! We socialize each kitten as early as possible with household items such as hairdryers, vacuums, etc. We take pride in every kitten born here, as their breeding has been carefully planned, parents intricately chosen, and health closely monitored. These kittens are OUR babies, we love each and every one of them which is why we make sure we are careful choosing their new, forever homes.

Secondly…We strive for traditional cats, and ragdolls that hold strong the traditional Ragdoll look. We stay away from lines with big, round, “owl-like” eyes that are dark, almost black, dull-looking, or too light. Ragdolls should have vibrant blue, oval eyes. We strive for minimal inbreeding within our lines. Inbreeding causes severe genetic defects that can often not be detected when they are kittens. We do not outcross with other breeds, and don’t work with ragdoll catteries who do, or ANY catteries breeding the non-standard MINK or SOLID Ragdolls. We believe the ragdoll should have a medium haired coat, that is thick, plush and rabbit-like in texture, they should have a longer mane and tail. Ragdoll fur should never mimic the Persian breed, it should not be overly long all over or shaggy. The ragdoll should have rounded medium sized ears (not small triangles). ALL Ragdolls MUST have BLUE EYES. Ragdolls without blue eyes, are NOT ragdolls! We believe in keeping the traditional colors: Blue, Seal, Lilac, Chocolate, Red/Cream and Tortie. Ragdolls come in 3 patterns colorpoint, mitted, or bicolor. That said we work very close with the TICA & CFA standard in order to evaluate our breeding program as well as the cats we are producing.

Lastly…Our ragdolls are backed up 100% by us. If you are unhappy, we will take our kitten/cat back, no questions asked. We keep in touch with every single ragdoll we sell whether pet, show cat or breeder. Our ragdolls are very well-rounded, it is rare that owners are unhappy with how gentle, sweet, and loving their ragdolls are. They provide families with a ton of entertainment, and are always up for a game! Ragdolls are very relaxed, and do well with change, they do enjoy traveling, and very much enjoy family life (often referred to as the “Golden Retriever” of the cat breeds). They don’t ask for much (they do very well entertaining themselves). All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for PKD and HCM. A no-declaw contract must be signed prior to taking your kitten home, no exceptions. All kittens are spayed/neuter prior to pick-up. We also have a strict contract against our cats sold as breeders breeding to any mink/solid ragdolls. We are sorry, but this is firm. We do hope you are interested in one of our babies, we would love to talk to you, or plan to meet you at a local cat show! Please enjoy exploring our website to see more of our beloved Ragdolls!

Don’t Be Fooled!

Ragdolls ONLY come in Blue, Seal, Chocolate, and Lilac traditionally. Other colors allowed are Flame, Cream, and Tortie. Ragdoll patterns are Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor, these patterns are also allowed to come in lynx (striping within the color), although we do not usually breed lynx.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, ALL REAL RAGDOLLS HAVE BLUE EYES BECAUSE THEY ARE A POINTED BREED, if your ragdoll doesn’t have blue eyes, you DO NOT own a purebred ragdoll. DO NOT fall for those who state on their websites these cats are RARE, they are NOT RAGDOLLS!

WillowTreeRags DOES NOT take any part in breeding solid, or mink ragdolls! We believe breeders who are breeding these traits are doing a great injustice to the Ragdoll breed calling these cats “Ragdolls”. We do not allow any cats from our breeding to be mated to any solids or minks, nor their offspring to be mated to any solid or mink ragdolls. These cats are NOT true ragdolls, nor are they allowed to be shown, and they DO NOT follow the breed standard. You can get a kitten that looks like this at your local animal rescue or shelter! If you have a solid or mink ragdoll, you DO NOT HAVE A TRADITIONAL RAGDOLL! DON’T BE FOOLED, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE PAYING THE MONEY FOR A PUREBRED LOOKING RAGDOLL!